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Friday, January 23, 2009

Start the Season Off Sharply

Grass will be coming out of dormancy soon, spring is around the corner, this means you or someone you hire will have to start mowing again. Mowing your yard can be rewarding, the results, a beautiful manicured lawn, however for the expert, mowing can make or break an ornamental lawn. Mowing height, regular mowing and blade maintenance is all part of correct mowing habits. The most crucial is blade maintenance or sharpness. Mowing with poorly maintained blades rips thru the leaf blade making the grass appear dead or dying, causing the lawn to stress. Also, your equipment is not functioning as intended, shortening mower life, causing costly repairs later and can be dangerous. With properly maintained blades your yard is cut uniformly and with precision, resulting in a healthier, disease free leaf blade. Mowing height is critical depending on time of year, for example; Spring mowing should result in a lower cut causing the yard to green up, summer and fall the yard should be left taller to prevent over exposure to heavy sunlight. Mowing height is often debated among landscape professionals and is often left to debate, however, a good rule of thumb is to set mower height 1 to 2 inches cutting depth each time you mow, this usually results in proper mowing height anytime of the year.

For more information on blade maintenance, click on the following link:


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