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Friday, October 28, 2011

Decorated Families Program

Christmas Decor every year participates in the "Decorated Families Program" Each year a family is chosen in our local community in which one or both of the parents are presently serving overseas in the military, or has paid the ultimate price for our country in combat.
A portion of our profits go to help decorate a soldiers home for the holidays, giving back to those who protect our freedom. This small gesture takes place yearly in which we go out to their house and decorate for free, the fascia, roof line and trees are trimmed with lights to try and bring joy to an otherwise difficult time.
CDI is proud to be a part of something we feel spreads goodwill in the community, helps families recognize those who sacrifice so much during the holiday season and bring cheer to families with those serving overseas. Take time to appreciate those serving our country this holiday season and join Christmas Decor in our appreciation of our military.