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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What is an aeration and why is it beneficial?

Many ornamental turf grasses are found in areas of high traffic, in and around houses where children play, golf coarses and public parks. Constant traffic can cause soil to become compacted, leaving little room for the absorbtion of much needed nutrients. Aeration is a process by which a machine is driven over the target area extracting core plugs of soil, depositing them on the lawns surface, in turn the root zone is exposed allowing nutrients, i.e., water, fertilizer and air to rapidly penetrate the root zone, resulting in a healthier lawn.

The most frequently asked questions in regards to aeration are; When is the best time for aeration? and What about my sprinkler heads?

When is the best time for aeration? An aeration can be performed any time of the year with benefits, taking into account how frozen the ground is. Spring and Fall offer the best conditions to reap benefits from aeration, high traffic areas such as golf coarses perform aerations monthly to prevent soil compaction.

What about my sprinkler heads? Marking your sprinkler heads is vital to preventing damage and for that matter, marking anything in your yard that could be damaged by the aerator is crucial. Buying marker flags from your local hardware store is a simple way to mark your yard before aeration.

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