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Friday, May 30, 2008

Burning Back Stubborn Grassy Weeds

This time of year when the temprature warms up, grassy weeds are commonly sprayed with a selective herbicide such as MSMA. MSMA standard in the industry for the treatment of stubborn grassy weeds, i.e., Dallas Grass, Crabgrass and Nutsedges, all require some attention with selective herbicides. Grassy weeds not controlled effectively with pre-emergents, can be controlled with applications of a grassy leaf herbicide called MSMA.
MSMA can effectively eliminate grassy weeds, however, not without some side effects. Temporary yellowing is the biggest complaint, dissapearing within a few weeks these yellow patches left behind by the chemical residue will eventually go away and areas treated return to normal. Several applications may be required to finally eliminate troublesome weedy areas. Often times several applications are needed to finally rid your yard of grassy weeds. All weed applications are often time consuming and take several weeks, even months to effectively eliminate a pest such as grassy weeds.

Seedhead Concerns

Seedheads in bermudagrass

The "seedhead" issue is much more a factor of management than anything else such as variety choice. If a Bermuda is throwing blooms out every 5 days, then it is stressed. Under stress conditions, even the vegetative sod Bermudas will throw up a lot of blooms. Stresses include-poor drainage, poor watering (too much and too little), drought, low nitrogen availiablity, soil compaction, temperature, etc. Low imputs of Nitrogen is the most common cause of a Bermuda turf throwing a lot of blooms. By improving these management and cultural practice traits a huge reduction in the amount of bloom will be seen. To find out more about Seedhead Formation Concerns, visit: http://www.bermudagrass.com/maintenance/seedheads.html