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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Make this Holiday Happy and Profitable

We all love to see Christmas lights on our house, where we shop and in our places of business. The festive attitude brings about a cheery mood everyone seems to love. Making this holiday special means lighting up your environment. Doing so can be costly and problematic, hiring a company with no proven experience or track record of good service can be a holiday nightmare.
Most customers would admit to some negative experience hiring a Christmas light contractor to install custom lighting, the nature of the industry lends to some "fly by night" installers. Everyone knows someone; a painter, landscaper, mowing company, the boy next door, you name it, anyone and everyone can install Christmas lights professionally, right?
Wrong! Christmas lighting can be difficult, not to mention down right dangerous! In order to install Christmas lighting properly, correctly, within proper safety standards, and look classy and professional, training and proper supplies must be considered. Just a few problems installers face include:

1. Working in high places, (Risk of fall, injury or death)
2. Performing work in awkward places, (roof pitch, steeples, gables)
3. The right Equipment for the job, (extension ladder, wire tools)
4. Working in inclement weather, (slipping, falling, sliding)
5. Being electrocuted, (plugs, outlets, frayed wire, ground plugs)
6. Tripping or fall hazard, (unstable roof, ladder, ground clutter)

Despite all the hidden concerns, installing Christmas lights doesn't have to be hazardous, with the right company trained to install lighting professionally, following a safety first mentality, insured and bonded to be on your property or roof, can give the customer peace of mind. No matter if you are a business owner or homeowner, hiring a company with a proven track record for safety and professionalism is the answer. Taking all the risk out of installing and keeping your holidays a special memorable occasion is the best way to enjoy your holiday season.

The Christmas Decor Difference:

The Christmas Decor network has over 375 locations within our family of contractors, we specialize in holiday decor projects designed specifically for each customer, giving them a unique holiday lighting package exclusive to there neighborhood. Christmas Decor has specialized training, attention to detail and the best holiday decorating products available on the market today. Our crews will handle your holiday decorating needs promptly, professionally and above all safely. Click on the website below to find out more information about your local installer, find out why over 50,000 clients yearly rely on CDI to install their lights, Commercial or Residential Christmas Decor is your premiere holiday lighting installer.