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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tree and Shrub Care, How to Protect Your Investment.

We always think about making our lawn look beautiful, making it green and free of weeds is the most common request made by potential customers, but what about your Trees and Shrubs? Often overlooked, most are adapted to the region we live in and for the most part seem to manage on their own. However, with closer inspection, you'll find most are under extreme stress from a variety of ailments. Water restrictions place ornamentals under stress yearly, often taking its toll in the hot months, the growth patterns of most trees and shrubs are limited to the amount of water and nutrients they receive. Often the homeowner rarely gives their ornamentals the attention they need, leading to a big decline in growth rates. Disease, Insect damage and inadequate moisture often lead to late or premature budding, early loss of foliage and growth decline. All signs of some type of stress to the plant, most problems go undiagnosed, unnoticed and left to leave their mark on a homeowner’s investment. How do we gain the advantage? We give ornamentals what they need to be healthy, a combination of adequate water, early detection and application. The homeowner needs to make sure adequate irrigation is available to all plant life, making sure their system functions properly. Next, find a good company who can regularly inject nutrients to the root zone and monitor tree and shrub health, identifying any disease or insect damage and treat accordingly. Most lawn care companies have a tree and shrub program, one in conjunction with the lawn. This season, take the time to ask your lawn care professional about tree and shrub applications, a program designed to protect your investment. If you've ever had to replace or purchase new landscape ornamentals you know how expensive replacing them can be. Extremely costly, replacing trees and shrubs is more than most budgets can handle. So, take the time this year to notice your homes most beautiful asset, the landscaping. Protect your investment wisely, call Lawn Tech today and find out how a simple tree and shrub program for a small price can help you save big money in the long run. Call Lawn Tech today @ 972-346-2696 or visit our website at www.lawntech.com

Monday, January 7, 2013

Don't Wait! Hiring a Lawn Service After You Find Problems May Be Too Late.

Late spring or early summer seems to be the time when most homeowners decide it’s time to call a company for service. They've either taken the time to stop and smell the roses, or they've decided that doing applications themselves is more work than first imagined. Typically, as it warms up and the year is in full swing, homeowners have a chance to get out in the yard, relax by the pool or take a stroll around the neighborhood. As they get out in their environment they begin to notice how beautiful everything looks and how ugly. By mid May, weeds are usually taking off "Fast and Furious" they've settled into a routine of sprouting, producing root nodules and spreading seed lets. Before you know it, they've invaded your lawn to the point of being unwanted pests, an unsightly mound staring back at you in stark contrast from your ornamental lawn. Waiting can mean a daunting task for you and any company hired to take on the task. It's never too late to start, after all you have to start sometime, yet, starting late in spring and early summer has given weeds and disease time to take up residence to the point of infestation. The answer is to be pro-active and not re-active. One of the most critical parts of lawn care is pre-emergence, a product systematically applied before weeds germinate. This crucial step is one designed to be applied as the season starts, not as the season has progressed. In order to bring about the best results, target dates prescribed by our industry which afford professionals the best opportunity to rid the yard of weeds must be adhered to. Missing this window of opportunity is big in our industry, without an effectively applied pre-emergent, we know the battle is on and will rage throughout the season if not done properly. Procrastination is common; we all seem to put off today what could be done tomorrow, its human nature. However, if you have a beautiful home and want that "Ornamental Look" we all dream of having, then don't wait! Be pro-active and call Lawn Tech today to set the season off right, after all, we all deserve a beautiful lawn. Call the professionals at Lawn Tech @ 972-346-2696 or click on the title to this post to go straight to our website for a free quote, you'll find it's cheaper than you think.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Chemicals and The Lawn Care Industry

The word "Chemical" sometimes has a negative connotation, movies have sensationalized the threat to the average citizen to the point that the very word can conjure up feelings of post apocalyptic horrors. The reality is far from how the movies have conditioned those viewers to believe; after all, just about every household item we use has chemicals in them. Now that doesn’t make them any less harmful, yet we have to be rational as to what classifies an ingredient as a chemical and just how that particular chemical effects our environment. As it turns out most substances labeled as "Chemicals" are found naturally in our environment and in our bodies. For instance, a very common chemical used in lawn care is Sodium Chloride which is found naturally in nature and in the human body. Yet, in large quantities can be harmful. This rational way to look at chemicals is more in keeping with the science of chemicals and less in the over dramatized picture Hollywood has depicted. There are many different families of chemicals and different classifications of chemicals. Some occur naturally in our environment while others are manmade, all typically separated by three main subcategories: Ingredient, Toxicity and Flash point. These three main categories are used to classify a certain chemical for many reasons not just the end user. Manufacturing, Transportation and Application utilize these classifications in order to insure each chemical is used as intended. The Environmental Protection Agency which governs how and when chemicals are used in our environment oversees the regulation, distribution, and application of chemicals in a wide variety of uses. Essentially the "Police" of the chemical world, the EPA have other functions however their main purpose is to protect human health and our environment. Chemicals are just one category the EPA regulates and it’s the most impactful. The EPA's involvement is one that is needed, warranted and underappreciated. In the lawn care industry chemicals are used to control pest. A "Pest" can be anything a homeowner doesn’t want in his or her yard; Weeds, Insects and disease prompt chemical use to obtain ornamental qualities and protect landscape. All regulated by the Department of Agriculture and the EPA. Each lawn care chemical company must go through detailed training yearly, pass a written test and obtain a commercial applicator's license in order to apply controlled use chemical products on someone’s yard. The chemicals used in the lawn care industry are created and chosen for their ability to eliminate "Pest" ironically, making our environment less pest intrusive and more appealing. So how safe are the chemicals used and regulated in our industry? The end user is heavily regulated by licensing agencies like the Department of Agriculture and the EPA, insuring each chemical used, is put out in a manner which causes the least chance of over application and hazard. The chemicals used typically are of low toxicity and application rates are minimized and monitored to try and limit over exposure to the environment. Chemicals like Fertilizer which have components occurring naturally in our environment, are most common, other chemicals man made in origin are used to "kill pests" all heavily regulated and diluted for use. Generally chemicals are safe for the user, our customers and the environment when applied as prescribed. Our industry is heavily regulated to insure each and every user adheres to regulations that keep chemicals from harming our environment. As long as you hire a company which is licensed to apply chemicals, has a professional staff who cares about the customer and follows the laws and regulations under which the license they carry was issued, you can't go wrong. As with any industry, you have companies who try and circumvent the rules, our industry is no different. You can find companies willing to apply chemicals without a license. Eventually, the law will catch up to them; heavy fines and jail time will follow. Finding the right company is the key to proper lawn care, finding a company properly trained and licensed is the answer. Lawn Care has always been a unique way to bring about the most satisfying aspect of any property, a beautiful lawn is a statement of health and tranquility, giving a homeowner a sense of accomplishment, a statement of success and something to be proud of. As we learn more about how chemicals are used in the lawn care industry we find that the toxicity of those chemicals is relatively small, heavily regulated with little to no impact to our environment. When properly applied by an ethical, licensed responsible company, the end result is a beautiful lawn done right. If you’re interested in finding out more how lawn care can be done right, call 972-346-2696 or visit www.lawntech.com

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Why Hire A Lawn Service? Why Invest the Money?

We as homeowners are a proud bunch, we take the time, energy and resources to protect our investment, after all, we pay enough for our homes, why not take care of them, right? Part of homeownership is taking responsibility for our surroundings, providing regular maintenance, like; changing the A/C unit filters, cleaning, repairing and general upkeep. Why do we do it? We know that by taking care of our most precious investment insures its longevity, its reliability and its safety. We also have a certain measure of pride associated with how our home looks; "Keeping Up with the Jones's" has long been the attitude with some homeowners who see their house as a statement to success. Now whether or not you feel this way or for that matter agree with this logic, the fact still remains for whatever the reasons, taking care of your home and its surroundings benefit you and your family. Did you know, that according to the National Association of Realtors who surveyed potential home buyers as to what the most important factor which led them to find interest in or buy a certain property was the landscaping? 77% percent out of those surveyed said that landscaping caught their eye and appealed to them foremost. Extremely telling for those of us interested in protecting our most precious investment. How the presentation of our landscaping looks captures the eye, ads to the overall architecture of any building and gives life to an otherwise meaningless structure. A beautifully manicured lawn and landscape can put the cherry on top of a beautifully crafted home, giving off an air of sophistication, peace and tranquility. The richness that a beautiful lawn provides is hard to measure as to the aesthetics and can seal the deal when it comes to selling your home. There are other reasons other than "Keeping Up with the Jones's" for maintaining a beautiful landscape that are not as obvious; One of the main purposes for maintaining your lawn is for erosion purposes, which is vital in this region of unpredictable weather, where heat can cause foundation troubles and torrential rainfall can erode your soil. Furthermore, a well maintained landscape can prevent concrete damage to sidewalks and driveways, and help control pest as well. As a result we not only take pride in our beautiful landscape as it turns out we need it. So we must protect it, provide for it and nurture it, without the upkeep and investment into how our landscape looks, its overall health, we run the risk of losing our investment we worked so hard to obtain. So we have a choice to make as to how we go about protecting our landscape from decline, or worse. We either try to take care of it ourselves or we pay a professional to do it for us. The lawn care industry has over the last few decades changed to adapt to homeowners needs; they've added products, services and made paying for it easier and more affordable than ever. If you’re like most people and don't have the time or the knowledge to take care of your landscape as a professional would, why not hire one? Hiring a lawn service gives the homeowner the best chance at protecting ones investment by allowing a professional to apply the right chemicals at the right time, giving a homeowner the best chance to keep his or her lawn healthy. We've already established the importance to maintaining a beautiful landscape, so why not allow the pro's to reassure you it’s been done right the first time? Take the necessary steps to avoid your landscapes decline and give Lawntech a quick call for a free quote, they've been taking care of lawns for close to thirty years with a long track record of satisfied customers, call them today for a chance to save on this year’s lawn care @ 972-346-2696 or visit them at www.lawntech.com, Lawn Tech, "A Beautiful Lawn is Our Business"