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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Soaring Temperatures Can Cause Concern

All to often in this region temperatures soar above 100 degrees, causing ornamental turf grasses to parch and become dry or broom like, without proper water, keeping your yard looking "sweet" is almost not reality.
If you are lucky enough to live in a crowded neighborhood, you may be able to keep some moisture in your topsoil, however, if you live in an open area or rural area, hot winds dry out sod more rapidly. Direct heat is the big culprit however and direct heat can make Bermuda look dead if allowed to go without water.
Your budget will take a big hit, while trying to poor on water to keep your yard looking good, try watering deeper for longer periods at a time, in the mid morning, once a week if possible. Setting the proper mow depth can also prevent burn, by raising mower depth and sharpening blades. Do a self audit of your irrigation system to insure all heads are watering adaquatedly. Water restrictions may come into play, depending on where you live, pay attention to mailers included with your water payment to notify you of any shortages.