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Monday, February 16, 2009

Early weeds are starting to pop up.

You may have noticed early signs of weeds cropping up in your turf. This is normal as the temperature starts to try and rise. The stark contrast of your grass remaining dormant and the bright green of the weeds may bother you, however, most winter weeds will fizzle out as the temp climbs.
The most prevalent weed in our region this time of year is a weed called Henbit. Henbit is a annual winter germinating weed that flowers early in the spring, a member of the mint family with a square stem and branched near the ground. Tiny tubular bluish pink or white flowers poking above the leaves, this troublesome weed can get out of hand quickly. Mowing early can help control most weeds, yet henbit with it's square stem prevents the weed from falling over and dying, giving the appearance that the weed is still alive even though the weed has been treated properly.
There is good news for weed application this time of year however, Henbit dies very easily with broad leaf herbicide. The weed may stay vertical and appear to be alive, all the while the chemical has effectively killed it. Mowing will help finish off this colorful pest and as the temperature rises henbit will disappear. Mowing early in the season can help rid your yard of winter weeds faster than not mowing, adding another defense to late winter/early spring weed removal.
Most commercial chemicals work best when the temperature is higher, the combination of heat and chemical to the leaf blade causes a dual action process leaving the weed parched and burnt. During the winter months this effect is minimized, leaving the applicator with less chance of effectively killing weeds. Controlling weeds is always a big concern, and as the year progresses we will be able to address weeds more effectively. Our main focus within our early spring treatment is to apply a spring pre-emergent, stopping spring and summer weeds from ever germinating in the first place.

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