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Monday, February 20, 2012

Helping You Save Money with "Moisture Manager"

Drought Season is coming up soon and water restrictions may be set higher, so what can you do about it? Most homeowners want to protect their investment and enjoy having a beautiful lawn, realizing that water is the vital ingredient needed, worry sets in as homeowners face spring time temperatures.
With tougher restrictions looming in our future, there may be an answer to our problems. Moisture manager is a new product created by Ecologel Solutions, designed to make the most of water already available in your soil.
Moisture manager is a chemical known as a "Humectants" designed to be sprayed onto your lawn and watered into the soil, once down into the root zone, moisture manager captures moisture vapor before it evaporates back into the atmosphere, converting it back to liquid water and passing it on to your plants roots.
Considered as a "Professional Root Zone Moisture Manager" this chemical works when water restrictions limit the amount of water you can dump on your lawn. This gives homeowners a slight advantage to tougher restrictions and helps keep lawns greener longer despite watering practices.
Learn more about Moisture Managers Hydretain today at www.savingtheworldswater.com, and visit www.lawntech.com were we can apply moisture manager for you within three to five days, giving you the best advantage in drought conditions. Find out the benefits and read more about this amazing product sweeping the industry. A biodegradable technology that conserves water, saves you money, increases the efficiency of fertilizer and pesticides, by reducing runoff.

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