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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Watering Your Lawn Under Restrictions? Education Is The Answer!

Most customers understand in order to have a healthy lawn, water plays a vital role, under stage restrictions, homeowners fear the worst as spring is around the corner.

The key word to drought stage restrictions is "education" Learning how much water your lawn needs to be healthy, what alternatives if any, are on the market to help maximize water intake and proper irrigation auditing.
Education starts with the homeowner, taking the time to read up on water conservation, understanding restrictions, undertanding your irrigation system and following up with available alternatives.
From a business standpoint, we as commercial applicators have a role as well in water conservation, irrigation audits, alternative product awareness and education to the consumer.
Each of us have a responsibility to ourselves, the consumer and our environment to properly educate one another as to the "ins and outs" of water restrictions, conservation and proper irrigation management.
Perhaps the biggest concern amoung those in an industry such as ours, is to have consumers being irresponsible with water, in this day and age we have the ethical resposibility as a society to be conscious of our environment and educate ourselves to those aspects of conservation which pose the greatest risk to our existence.
Taking this into question, Lawn Tech has other alternatives to over-watering and stage restrictions to include:

Proper Irrigation Audits
Water Management Techniques
Erosion Practices
Proper drainage Techniques
Chemical Applications to improve water absorption "Humectants"
Consumer Education

Take the time to visit our website or call Lawn Tech for applications that can help conserve water such as "Humectants", irrigation auditing, and water management techniques, we would be glad to show you how to have a beautiful lawn during drought conditions, please visit: www.lawntech.com or call 972-346-2696 we would be glad to assist you. Also you can click on the title of this blog entry to be taken to the Texas State Watering Website. or copy and paste the following website: http://www.twdb.state.tx.us/conservation/municipal/

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