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Thursday, May 21, 2015

What Impact Does Rainy Weather Have On My Lawn?

In the region we live in, North Texas, we've grown accustom to drought conditions, we've all learned what it means to be on water restrictions, have our lawns look dry, parched and craving water. But, this year, its a different situation from what we've been forced to adjust to in years past. This year, we have rain, and a lot of it. It seems in Texas it's either feast or famine, we either get very little of something or way too much, and this year its too much rainfall.
This year alone our region has received three times the annual rainfall by May 1st than the last three years combined. It's raining constantly it seems which carries mixed blessings, your lawn gets the water it needs, our area lakes fill up, and nature takes a long deep sighing breath. However in contrast, rainfall can have its drawbacks to maintaining a healthy lawn. When rain fall totals exceed a lawns ability to absorb it, you can get erosion problems, root rot, and disease.
The biggest problem currently with ornamental lawns, is fungus. Fungus starts breeding rapidly when inclement weather meets humid hot air, creating the ideal scenario for fungus to develop and spread on the leaf blade. The weather cycle were currently in now, rain falling every other day, the temperatures rising to the eighties, with little ability to dry out the lawn, this scenario creates an environment for diseases comparable to that of a laboratory setting, the conditions perfect for disease growth.
This weather pattern can be frustrating for the lawn application company as well as the customer. A customer thankful for the rainfall, happy their lawn is getting water, but disappointed as they look at the condition of the lawn and see browning spots or dying areas. So a customer is left scratching their heads, as to why the lawn looks bad, since we've had so much rainfall the lawn should look good right? it's a brain teaser for sure. On the other hand, lawn companies can struggle to meet timelines, scheduling lawn applications only to have them rescheduled due to rainfall. They also struggle with educating the customer as to why the lawn looks bad, having to explain disease and how conditions are ripe for fungus to spread.
The biggest problem with tackling rainy weather is finding time to get out to the lawn, diagnose the lawn, and then find time between rain to apply a much needed disease treatment. Large amounts of rainfall can cause all types of negative aspects when trying to maintain a lawn, its a double edged sword so to speak. We need the rainfall, but with that comes disease, erosion and frustration. The best way to tackle this problem is to keep the customer informed, try and stick to a rigid schedule around rainfall, and apply the best products to stop disease. Lawn Tech, tries very hard to keep the customer informed and make timely treatments available to try and rid the lawn of any diseases.
If you think you have a disease in your lawn currently, call Lawn Tech, we can come out, diagnose the problem and apply a fungicide to stop it in its tracks. Call us today @ 972-346-2696 and we can send someone out to put an end to what the rain has left behind, disease.

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