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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In business since 1985, we've learned a few things about customer service

Customer service can be tricky, "the customer is always right" can be problematic, leaving a company to try and persuade a customer about what's best for them or their lawn. Often in the lawn care industry, so many variables can leave us with little option but to demand the customer let us handle the lawn and be patient, an attitude that can cause customers to be anxious. It is true that taking care of a lawn from a weed control perspective is a daunting task, often outside influences wreak havoc on our attempts to control weeds, temperatures not cooperating or water restrictions prohibiting proper timely watering, all prevent some weed control applications form working. So we fight to keep a handle on troublesome weeds and as a result customers view our inability to readily rid the yard of weeds as neglecting our paid responsibilities. Well, Lawn Tech has the answer to issues like inadequate weed control that sets us apart from our competition, we care. We go as far as to offer "Free Service Calls" as part of our guarantee. Other companies charge to come back out and spray certain troublesome weeds like Dallis Grass or Nutsedge, we don't. Its that simple, we care enough to give our customers free service if for some reason our first application fails to work. We make sure to get back out in a timely manner and re-apply chemicals to those stubborn weeds that wont die, our competition has yet to make that commitment, they have to find a way to charge you, we don't try to find a way to charge you extra, we simply provide FREE service as a part of customer service program and we've been doing that since 1985, that's why we still have customers that have chosen to use our service for over twenty years, because we care. Take the time to discover what has set Lawn Tech apart form all the rest, our proven five treatment program with free service calls, making a commitment to stand behind our promise of bringing you a beautiful lawn, "A Beautiful Lawn Is Our Business." Call 972-346-2696, or visit us at www.lawntech.com

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bryan flake said...

How do I install a lawn fountain? How do I make the water source come to and from the fountain? Is that a major plumbing undertaking?

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