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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thinking Pre-emergent as Early Fall Approaches

Pre-emergence critical to a beautiful lawn, must be applied by a certain date to be effective, without pre-emergents, lawns would be riddled with weeds to a point that they would be impossible to control. What is a pre-emergent and when should they be applied?
A pre-emergent is a class of herbicide designed to create a layer of protection just below the soil surface to stop new weed seeds from germinating. Herbicides of this nature are designed to be applied in two different ways and some pre-emergents have other benefits as well, depending on the type and brand.
Granular and liquid are the two types used in lawn care at different times of the year, some containing post-emergent qualities while others are strictly pre-emergent only. Each having similar benefits when applied at the right time, stopping most weeds from germinating.
Spring and fall are times when weeds germinate, some being "Summer Weeds" while other weeds are labeled as "Winter Weeds" pre-emergents are designed to curb the amount of weeds germinating in spring and fall, when applied at the right time, pre-emergents are a valuable part of lawn care. Without them, the industry would not be effective enough to stay in business.
Most consumers view the growth of weeds in a singular mindset, in other words; they imagine weeds germinating in the spring only, just as the flowers bloom or the trees bud, they assume weeds start just as spring arrives. Well they are only half right, some germinate in the spring while others germinate in the fall.
Winter weeds which germinate in the fall, can be more unsettling than spring weeds to most homeowners, most native grasses in this area go dormant in the winter leaving weeds to flourish in a bright kaleidoscope of colors, annoying as they may be to the observer they are most unpleasant to the consumer.
Pre-emergents are the answer and fifty-percent of the battle for a weed free yard, without the all important spring and fall pre-emergent, weeds are left to grow unimpeded, lawn care companies understand the vital importance of a pre-emergent applied at the right time, and cringe when a customer refuses a treatment containing one, knowing from experience the all important catalyst to an ornamental yard starts with correctly applied pre-emergent, without spring and fall pre-emergent applied, our job is near impossible.
Take the time to read up on the How, When, Where and Why of pre-emergent qualities and benefits, begin to understand the vital role pre-emergent plays in the ornamental state of your lawn, realizing the benefits, a consumer can only come to the conclusion that pre-emergence is the answer to a weed free lawn, let a professional apply the right pre-emergent at the right time, giving you the best over all weed control possible. That's what we do at Lawn Tech, we apply the right product at the right time, Fall pre-emergent is just around the corner, if applied at the right time, you will see less weeds, give us a call and set up the most important of all treatments, "The Fall Pre-Emergent" 972-346-2696

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