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Monday, April 4, 2011

Time to Water?

Watering your lawn can be another added expense most people don't have, however, protecting your investment can pay off big time. If you plan on selling your house, landscaping can be the first impression a potential buyer gets, giving you a leg up before the new owner steps their foot inside. So, how much do you water and how often? If you have an irrigation system get to know how it works and how much water volume it puts out. This fact can help you decide how long to leave the system running. Watering this time of year can help top growth rejuvenate and give your yard a boost going into summer.
Deep watering your lawn slowly and for longer periods can make the root system deeper, making your lawn healthier than your neighbors, trees and shrubs need a boost as well and watering them deep can help. With high winds this time of year drying out your landscape environment, watering can be crucial. Pay attention to the amount of water your lawn absorbs, limit run-off by montoring the system, don't just "Set it and forget it."
Once you know your systems output, water throughly once weekly until run-off is visible the longer infrequent watering the better. Check out watering guideline icon over to the right of this blog entry, click on the link and you will get some additional information that may be helpful. Visit our website for the right chemicals at the right time by professionals who care about your yard. www.lawntech.com

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