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Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring Is Around The Corner

Ah yes, spring, the best time of the year in this region, mild temperatures and beautiful sunsets. Spring is my favorite time of the year, enjoying the mild weather is a luxury here in Texas. Spring signifies to most homeowners the lawn season has officially began, but, your lawn begins to change much earlier than spring. Dormancy transition can come at different times depending on rainfall, temperatures and mowing schedules.
Taking the right steps to insure a beautiful lawn for the season actually begins much earlier than spring. Controlling weeds and applying fertilizer as spring arrives, pre-emergents can be critical to a beautiful lawn. Now is the time to start with a lawn service, applying much needed pre-emergents to start spring off with a pop. Getting rid of early winter/spring weeds and fertilizing the lawn at the right time can help dormancy be a smooth transition.
Mow dates become critical, When to mow for the first time and how short is a practical solution to spring transition. Your first mowing should be after the last freeze and before top growth is in full transition. Scalping or "Mowing Shorter" is appropriate at the right stage and can help a yard transition from dormancy faster.
Call Lawn Tech if you have any questions and need a service to help apply the right chemicals at the right time, spring aeration can also be a big booster to spring transition, let the pros help you make this year a beautiful lawn season, visit our website today for great deals on lawn care, www.lawntech.com

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