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Monday, November 24, 2008

Lawncare and Fall Weather Conditions

Most homeowners understand that when fall comes, ornamental turf grasses go dormant, this miracle of nature permits your lawn to hybernate over winter, causing a dead or dying top growth, your turf appears to have died, however, your turf is alive and well, only the top growth has turned brown and died, beneath the surface the roots have been storing nutrients for the upcoming winter and are very much alive.
Most homeowners equate dead top growth with a break in lawncare, "end of season maintenance" therefore, they have a tendency to overlook their lawn and neglect its care, causing problems over winter and into spring. The average lawn still needs adaquate water to sustain its health over winter, often inclement weather throughout winter is enough to sustain a lawns health, but, in dry years without wet winter conditions turf grasses suffer, causing most turf grasses to experience spring deadspot, a direct result of dead areas not coming back the next year. Don't neglect your lawn this fall by overlooking the obvious, if it doesnt rain, your yard needs water!

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