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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

An Industry Struggling for Answers

Have you noticed more grassy weeds than usual in your lawn? Do you see more and more weeds than ever before. Do you find yourself asking your lawn care provider why so many grassy weeds have not been killed? As a lawn care professional, I already know the answer to these questions, the answer is "Yes" grassy weeds have become a problem in our industry and chemicals that once controlled them effectively have been systematically taken off the market, leaving us scratching our heads with frustration. The lawn care industry sustains itself by ridding a customers lawn of weeds and making his or her environment "Ornamental" This process is done by using target chemicals to eradicate pest, in this case the pest in question is grassy weeds. The industry has long relied on a product called MSMA, a selective grassy leaf herbicide widely used in our industry for years until it's availability was derailed by the government. As a result, our industry has been limited to a small variety of less invasive chemicals, designed to cause the least amount of danger to the environment, a good thing. However, we've found those chemicals we're allowed to use, do eventually work, but much slower. As you would imagine, slow is not something that works well in the service industry. The slow kill rate, with multiple applications to kill weeds, can cause cost to go up and service calls to spike. The customer wants the weed gone and now it can take up to three applications to finally kill the weed being treated. The good news, we can control most weeds almost immediately, helping the lawn to look better quickly, with some grassy weeds requiring additional treatments to kill them. If you have a good company hired to provide weed control, they will come back for free if needed, to re-apply those chemicals which take time to work. Some companies charge extra to come back and treat grassy weeds again, so be careful when searching for a company to provide weed control, insuring that they don't charge extra to spray stubborn grassy weeds. Our industry does fall prey to the whims of organizations like the EPA, and the Government, taking chemicals away from us as they need to, to protect the environment. This is nothing new, it happens all the time. The answer to the problem of grassy weeds is a fairly easy one, find a company like Lawn Tech, that will come back out for free, to retreat grassy weeds if needed, and be patient with your lawn care provider with the understanding that some weeds are harder to kill than others and multiple applications can take time. If you have some questions regarding this post or would like to speak to someone about your lawn today, call Lawn Tech @ 972-346-2696, a company that cares about it's customers.

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