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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Warmer Temps Can Cause Unsettling Weeds

Typical Texas climate as of late has seen warming trends beginning earlier in the year. February seems too soon to see temps in the seventies. Weeds begin to pop out early revealing the stark contrast between the tan, gray of dormancy versus the bright green hue of weeds. Your yard is dormant and will start to show signs in some areas of coming out of dormancy, new small green tender grass begins to form in open sun areas. However, your grass is still considered "In Dormancy" until the yard is consistently green and growing. Weeds will have a better chance of taking over and making your yard look unsightly. One of the tricks of the trade so to speak is to mow the yard earlier than usual; making sure that no chance of freeze is on the horizon. Also, begin watering if Mother Nature is not cooperating. This time of year, customers forget that an ornamental lawn needs water to be healthy, dormant or not. In the colder months they need less because evaporation is less of an issue and typically there is enough moisture in winter to sustain a yard. But, a lawn still needs water regardless how it gets it. The biggest concern for ornamental lawns this time of year is pre-emergent application. In the North Texas region, we must have pre-emergent’s out by April 1st or you can expect a large amount of weeds if target dates are not met. Most lawn application companies utilize their first two treatments to apply pre-emergent. This is standard in the industry and must be watered in heavy once applied. If the homeowner will follow watering instructions and be diligent about how the pre-emergent is watered in, the results are fantastic. Less weeds to deal with. Dealing with weeds early in the year can be frustrating, a customer can watch their yard sprout weeds as weather warms up, the yard trying to green up, never fast enough to offset the weeds. The best answer is an early application. A properly applied pre-emergent, watering and early mowing can make the yard look more ornamental. You may not get rid of all of the nasty pest, but you will see marked improvement until the yard can green up and become healthy. Take the time to contact Lawn Tech today to schedule the much needed early spring treatment containing a pre-emergent, a crucial step to start the year off on a good foot. 972-346-2696 or visit our website www.lawntech.com

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